Friday, December 17, 2010

Final XHTML2 Working Group documents published

After a couple of weeks of furious editing and publishing, the XHTML2 work is FINALLY done! You can see most of the gory details at the W3C. What that article does NOT say, however, is that the working group also completed its work on the RelaxNG implementations of XHTML and XHTML Modularization. You can find that work as a free-standing document.

Unfortunately, one thing that did NOT get updated is the XHTML Media Types note. There are various corrections to this that were pending, but in the end it was too difficult to get it published before the end of the year. In the near future, I plan to publish those changes independently (and maintain the document as guidance to people who want to write XHTML and have it just work in current user agents). You can see the latest draft of this document if you are interested.


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