Friday, January 2, 2009

Experimenting with DreamHost

I decided to go a little crazy and get a Dreamhost account. I have been using dedicated server hosting companies for years now, but they are so expensive and their hosting agreements are so draconian that I am just sick of it. So, as of today... I am trying out a shared hosting service.

I know, I know... Everyone uses shared hosting. I have been helping out with some projects that use it, and other than performance issues every now and then, it has seemed fine. Add to that the benefit of making someone else deal with the networking infrastructure, backups, and other nonsense and I suppose it was a no-brainer. I guess I am just slow.

So, for now, I am setting up "" in Dreamhost. I will point a subdomain from that new server here for blogging, since I really like the "Blogger" service. More about this as I learn more about the service and its hiccups.


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